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Inheritance and Keywords (2013)
Over time I found myself wishing for a way to bridge the gulf between partial classes in Web Forms and standard VB classes. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be like this.

DataGrid (2016)
Here's a walkthrough on building a datagrid, complete with paging and some custom sort controls. Learn how to build it.

Date Formatting: (2007)
So, you want to quickly and easily change the format of all dates across the entire site? Explore the date formatting code.

Enter Key Event Handler: (2007)
While I was coding the search form, I found that IE 7 doesn't let one use the enter key to trigger an event handler. Fix that.

Footer: (2007)
The perennial problem of appending a footer to Web forms with varying amounts of content and is able to resize dynamically as browser dimensions change. Here's my take. Explore the dynamic footer positioning code.

Hyperlinks in a Dropdown Control: (2011)
Wouldn't it be cool if you could include hyperlinks inside a drop down list? Why of course it would!

Master/Dependent GridViews: (2009)
In the process of building a message board for the site, I used a GridView control to display details associated with a row selected from a summary GridView control, using an XmlDataSource object. Here's how.

Dynamic Master Page Assignment: (2009)
Expanded the special event subsystem to include programmatic assignment of a master page.

Use of Jargon: (2012)
We use tons of acronyms and jargon in this field. If the <abbr> tag doesn't do it for you, Here's how I used HTML and CSS to explain the concepts without removing the terms.

Bar Charts with an XML Data Source: (2016)
This is a three part series as an introduction to building .NET charts, covering configuration, basic and advanced concepts.