Since 2006, halfgk.com has been my personal sandbox for .NET and other forms of Web development.

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2019.10.13system maintenance: Fellow Nerds: Check out JavaScript's MediaMatch function. It basically gives you the equivalent of a media attribute in a script tag. It's pretty handy. I'm using it to prevent the menu slider action when certain content is viewed on an iPad.

2019.10.12system maintenance: I did my first imagemap in probably 20 years! Did you even know those are still a thing?? I'll let you find the content on your own, but I've also updated the presentation of the national current events commentary content. There's a lot that went into it behind the scenes!!

2019.10.11on the nation: It's Not Just Me, Right?
Comfortably Nunb

2019.10.10system maintenance: My annual special events code is working! I know that because y'all got a look at my Veterans Day theme today. The start date was mistyped. See? Good things can come from bad situations.

2019.10.08geek stuff: Why I'm Now Onboard with Apple PayThe Apple Pay logo
#9, Mike's Way, No Onions



2017.10.19system maintenance: Upgraded Recaptcha on the Contact form to Recaptcha V2. I had originally implemented the device in August, 2010. Version 1 is set to decommission in March, 2018.

2017.10.17on family life: Cultural Inventions

2016.10.18on health: How Much Do My Clothes Weigh?

2016.10.17on health: Well, They're On, But They're Not Happy

2016.10.13system maintenance: More fun with graphs: I've updated the fitness graph to be sensitive to point selection. The fitness page now contains hyperlinks that point to specific weight measurements and filters. Clicking those will highlight the bar on the graph. The graph also now labels both starting and ending points.

2015.10.19on kids: Getting Back to Nature, Part II

2013.10.16on a hog: FLSTFSE

2013.10.14on gaming: Doesn't Really Scream "Barbarian", Part II

2012.10.17on cycling: Sickened by events in the pro cycling world

system maintenance: Sorry about the outage, everybody -- a log file got blown away on Saturday, causing the "too many redirects" errors.

2012.10.16on cycling: My exercise fantasy... at least until Spring

on cycling: My exercise fantasy... at least until Spring

2012.10.15on cycling: GOT

2010.10.17on firearms: Better results while standing, but I won't use the Ruger again

2010.10.16on firearms: Going shooting tomorrow

on music: New music: VersaEmerge cover of the Stones, Roy Orbison, Steven Page, and the Violent Femmes

2010.10.15on music: Page Blasts BNL over "All in Good Time"

2010.10.14on books: NPR: Rattner, author of Overhaul, under investigation by New York Attorney General, settles with SEC

2009.10.14on music: The Slew release is a collaboration with former Wolfmother bassist and drummer; album originally music for a documentary

2006.10.13on music: Doing more retro listening... latest purchases include a best-of compilatio...

on books: For the Fall Semester, I've been reading The Decision to Use the Atomic Bom...

\pictured_at_left: Skyscrapers in Las Colinas, TX