2017.08.24What I'm Listening To Now

Goes all the way to 11

I was actually scrolling through iTunes and came across a name I hadn't seen in a long time: WINGER.

I have a small collection of cuts of theirs, that I honestly adore. Say what you want about 80's hair bands -- but I always liked Winger for its prog rock. Exhibit A:

  • "M16" (from Winger IV)
  • "Livin' Just to Die" (Winger IV)
  • "On the Inside (New Version) (The Very Best of Winger)
  • "Disappear" (Winger IV)
  • "Come a Little Closer" (Karma)
  • "Generica" (Winger IV)
  • "Seventeen" (Winger)

I first heard Winger on their self-titled release in 1988. Two tracks got a lot of airplay: "Headed for a Heartbreak" and "Seventeen." Only relatively recently did I stumble upon their 2006 release, Winger IV -- a more progressive release, and a real statement album.

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