2019.05.16Video Game Scores

Goes all the way to 11

Time to dust off the music category and talk for a minute about all of the great music that goes into game production.

Yes, I am that nerd that will find music from video game scores on iTunes and create playlists from them. There is some really lovely music accompanying console games. Among my favorites:

  • "Ende", on the Wolfenstein: The New Order soundtrack by Michael John Gordon
  • "Ikora", on the Destiny 2 soundtrack by Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C. Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav & Pieter Schlosser
  • "Tranquility", on the Destiny soundtrack by Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, Martin O'Donnell & Paul McCartney

Yes, you read that last one right. That's "Paul McCartney" as in Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

These three tracks are in a playlist I use for soothing music.

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2019.03.23My Brush with Rock Stardom

Goes all the way to 11

I loved Styx as a kid. My cousin introduced me to their music when I was about 11, and I haven't stopped listening to them yet. When I got the chance to take my kid to see them -- when she was 11 -- they played a three-hour show and put my kid on top of the world with their kindness. That put me "all in" on that band.

Photo I took of the Styx concert in 2017

Some short time ago I discovered they had a social media presence, so I started following them. I wouldn't post much -- I mostly wanted to see their updates on my feed. But at one point -- perhaps it was just after the show -- I posted to their wall a giant thank you for coming to see us, and for the great gifts of conversation and acknowledgment they gave my little girl.

Since then, I've become more active on their boards. Recently I've made a few posts that have really gotten some attention --- especially the attention of Tommy Shaw, the lead singer.

Tommy Shaw liked my post

...and that attention led me to dare to send him a friend request.

I immediately regretted the decision and wished I could have rescinded it. Tommy was kind enough to like what I was saying, but come on. "The guy deserves his privacy. Leave him alone," I thought.

Tommy Shaw accepted my friend request!

Did I completely "fan girl" over this? Oh hell yes I did. This took me back to when I was 11 and listening to Grand Illusion under giant headphones while admiring the album cover artwork.

Am I embarrassed about it? Yes. A little.

I don't imagine I'd ever see a post from him on my wall, and that's okay. I think it's enough for him (and the band) to understand there's still so much love for them out here in the world. The coolest thing is, it's a very direct communication -- Tommy and the rest can just open up Facebook and see for themselves the things people write. For all of its evils, Facebook really does shorten the distance between people -- like the distance between this 11 year-old kid and an AOR superstar.

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