2012.04.16SiriusXM iPhone App Difficult to Navigate, Resource Hog on the iPhone 4S

I thought I'd try out the SiriusXM Internet Radio app last week in the hope of being able to listen to baseball games. I'll be uninstalling the app and discontinuing the trial.

The app is difficult to navigate because the channels aren't organized by channel number, like they are on my car radio. Though I can use categories like "sports" -- and this is helpful -- I can't surf to channel n to catch the game like radio users.

The other thing I noticed was that each day I spent listening to the broadcasts through the app drained my phone's battery to the point where I had to recharge it while I was at the office. Considering I charge my phone up nightly and power it off completely afterwards, there's no excuse for this kind of drain. (In comparison, I can listen to an entire baseball game through the MLB "At Bat" app and notice no significant deviation from normal battery depletion.)

It's a shame, too, because I've really been enjoying the music I've been discovering on Alt Nation. Guess it'll have to remain a treat for while I'm in the car.

2012.04.16Alternative Music!

I've been having a great time with the music I've been discovering on SiriusXM Alt Nation: MGMT, Freelance Whales, Stornoway, The Airborne Toxic Event, Blur, Coldplay, Jem, LCD Soundsystem, and Neon Trees have all produced music that works really well together on a single playlist.

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