Released today: Barenaked Ladies Are Me. I've been listening to cuts from it released earlier on iTunes and in BNL's podcasts. The deluxe version of the album contains 27 tracks -- but the version you'll see in shops has only half of this content. The release showcases the band's fantastic diversity of musical styles and absolute mastery of smooth vocal harmony. "Sound of Your Voice", for example, is done in a rock/doo-wop manner; "Wind it Up" has a hard-driving rock edge. The intro to "Another Spin" screams "lounge act", but has a catchy chromatic hook and a poppy chorus. Horn arrangements appear on this and several other tracks. But "Running Out of Ink" probably sums my point the best. I believe that if you're interested in this release at all, don't skimp - go for the deluxe version. It's two albums worth of material (the second album currently titled "Barenaked Ladies Are Men".) Order the deluxe version while you still can directly from BNL.

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