I am chiefly a K2 blackpearl Workflow technologies developer, certified in K2 blackpearl Core, K2 SmartForms, and K2 blackpearl Extensions technologies.

See project history details and my interactive resume for more about how I've used K2 blackpearl.

I maintain a blog called START RULE which serves as a resource for others working in K2 blackpearl technologies. Recent posts are listed below:

Nintex Acquires K2

“Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire K2 Software Inc., an innovative provider of digital process automation (DPA) software solutions.” The full announcement may be read here.

SmartObject Service Tester is Alive and Well in K2 Five

Like many who worked for years in the world of K2 4.x, I had to adjust to multiple changes when clients adopted K2 Five. Experience made some problems in K2 4.x a snap to fix, but we maybe needed to grow a little to accomplish the same in the new version. I was recently challenged […]

Use Wireshark with K2 Cloud P&D

This past week, I did my first deployment using the K2 Cloud Package and Deployment (P&D) tool. I had problems during my first two attempts, but won the day on my third try — with some help from network analysis software. Here’s how. Before I talk about the actual deployment, I want you to know […]

K2 Cloud, Azure SQL, and Your Public IP Address

I live in Texas. For the past few days, we’ve been getting storms — some violent — at around 3 AM. If the storms are bad enough, I’ll have a headache all day — and I don’t mean from the barometric pressure. My client is using K2 Cloud, and their SQL databases are in Azure. […]

Can you call an Initialized() method from a SmartForm while it’s Initializing? (Sponsorship opportunity for Excedrin or Tylenol)

I’m going through the rules in a SmartForm and associated views to squash a bug, when I came upon an Execute a Form method action in the When the Form is Initializing rule. Trouble is, the method to call is the Initialized method. Would that even work? Would calling the Initialized() method from within the […]

K2 SmartForms’ Quick Search Excludes a Column in the List View (Part II)

Last August I wrote a post about how a column in a list view was excluded from SmartForms’ Quick Search because the column wasn’t displaying the field directly — it was displaying a data label via an expression. I ran into a similar-but-not-really-similar situation today. This situation is similar in that it involved a list […]

ERROR K2TSTS10002 Occurs After Changing Third-Party Cookie Acceptance Settings

File this under “Learning the Hard Way” and “Stop Messing With Your Browser Settings.” I was looking for something in IE’s settings when I stumbled upon cookie settings. (I still and only use IE with K2… it’s a habit from K2 4.x.) My browser was set to accept third-party cookies, which is something I have […]

The Importance of Integrity

I’m working for a client new to the world of software development and unencumbered by familiarity with development lifecycles and environments. (Not their fault; it just places the onus on us to teach them.) I’m not sure how long my company has been working with them; I just joined the project a couple of months […]

How to Draw a Line From and To the same Workflow Activity

I’m okay with this sounding dumb. But drawing a line that points back to the same activity where it came from isn’t an easy thing to do in K2 Studio. … unless you know the trick. Here’s how to do it: Draw an activity on the K2 Studio canvas. We’ll call this the first activity. […]

K2 SmartForms’ Quick Search excludes a column in the list view

Given a list view with several columns: ID, First Name, and Last Name. Let’s say the “ID” column shows an ID number as a hyperlink that points to another form. The list view’s filter only shows options for filtering on the First Name and Last Name columns. Why can’t I filter on ID too? Taking […]

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