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2019 With my contract extended, I developed a reporting engine using K2 SmartForms. Carefully selected information about its design and development may be found here.

In mid-May I found myself working feverishly to use the SharePoint CSOM framework to perform REST calls to endpoints in Project Online. (It wasn't easy.) 

With little time remaining at the global real estate and investments concern (the contract I was supplied for was limited to one year), and after confirmation that FTE status was not in the cards, I reconnected with people I knew from a BPM practice I had worked alongside a few years ago. I joined their firm at the start of July.
2018 Wrote an in-depth analysis of the Set Language Multilingual K2 SmartForms control (see excerpt here) before completing my three-month contract with the global IT services company in January. Started with a leading firm in the mortgage lending and servicing industries in April, and relocated to Dallas for that position in August.

In September I became a contractor for the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. After some working conditions improvements, my goal became to trade the contractor badge for a permanent employee one.

Also this year, I decided to discard my anonymity as author of a K2 technical blog called START RULE. Started in 2014, the blog is read in 96 countries across the globe, and is routinely among top-ranked results for K2 searches in the United States -- without artificial SEO assistance.
2017 Preparing for the production rollout of the project in March. Beta testing through February has looked very positive. Readied my application for K2 Master in the beginning of May, and became CompTIA Network+ certified at the close of March, for DoD 8570.01M IAT Level I compliance, and CompTIA Security+ certified in mid-May, for IAT Level II compliance.

To study for both exams, I built a series of workflow processes on my iPhone/iPad using Workflow; the workflow presented notes in random sequence, either visually or audibly, from a flat file of notes. The program was intelligent enough to detect whether new content had been added from the previous run, and offered the option of focusing only on the new content. It also included a file that could be used to tweak Siri's pronunciation of specific content.

Unfortunately, the company was in decline over this period. After remaining on the project after a first round of mass layoffs in May, about 15 of us began transitioning to alumni status at the close of August.

I started with a global IT services firm at the beginning of November, in support of a private sector client in the United States.


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