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Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.


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2020.07.01on_books: The Room Where it HappenedThe front cover of the book The Room Where it Happened by John Bolton, published by Simon & Schuster.
FINALLY arrived today

2020.06.29on_gaming: XBOX ONE Power SuppliesThe Microsoft XBOX logo
Replaced for both of my consoles

on_gaming: Ads on Solitaire Got You Down?Image of the Jack of Hearts playing card
Fight Fire with Fire

2020.06.28system maintenance: Made a minor upgrade to the interactive resume.

2020.06.27on_geek_stuff: Windows Won't Update my Dell Machine
What the Hell?

2020.06.22on_the_nation: We're the Kids in AmericaPresident Trump returns from his rally in Tulsa, OK
Tiktokers Trump Trump in Tulsa

on_texas_life: My Very First Speeding TicketAn image of a Texas 'The Thin Blue Line'patch.
One Year On



2019.07.08on geek stuff: UPDATED: "Burner Phone" Apps are the New Spam Email Accounts

2017.07.07on fitness: More Achievements, Please

2017.07.06on music: What I'm Listening To Now

2016.07.10on gaming: Destiny: When Worlds Collide

on health: Oh! So THAT'S How That Works

on what's on: The Secret Life of Pets

system maintenance: Doing some category expansions. The fitness page is now called "health and fitness", and the kids page is now called "kids and family". The links are the same, but the content is a little broader.

2016.07.09on family: YEAH, BABY THAT'S WHERE IT'S AT

on health: Food Tracking: Magic Happened, But...

on health: Around the Block in 65 Calories

on what's on: Independence Day: Resurgence

2016.07.08on health: Tracking My Food

2016.07.06on health: Started Q

2016.07.05on family: So Hard to Say Goodbye to Kitty

2014.07.06on kids: Random Conversation

2013.07.11on a hog: Thousand Mile Plan: At 600 Today

2013.07.09on music: More of That 70's Music

2013.07.07on a hog: Thousand Mile Plan: 570 and This Week

2013.07.05on a hog: Thousand Mile Plan: At 500 Today

2012.07.10on fitness: Atkins, Week 27

2012.07.06on fitness: Atkins, Week 26 = Six Months

2012.07.05on fitness: Pool Body

2010.07.11system maintenance: Even more changes! I found a font very similar to Agency FB, the one that anchors my branding, on Typekit. Although Agency FB has been available in Microsoft products for years (and is freely distributable), viewing the site with machines that don't have it installed means seeing some of the site's content in the browser default (often Times New Roman) unless the font kit was installed -- the age-old problem.

I've also expanded things in the Professional section quite a bit. Professional certificates, course descriptions, and memberships are now available for perusal, and soon I'll include some excerpts from various presentations I've written and given. These new forms have been added to the sitemap, by the way. Lots going on -- thank you for joining me!

2010.07.10on art: More Trouble for Park West Gallery

2010.07.09on tech: iPhone 4 has arrived!!

\pictured_at_left: Skyscrapers in Las Colinas, TX