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2019.09.19on gaming: GAME NIGHT!!!An image of the Jack of Hearts playing card
Social media can still be useful

special event: AVAST! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day

2019.09.17system maintenance: The site has been having some performance problems. I've suspended some under-the-hood capabilities as a troubleshooting measure. Hopefully this will correct.

2019.09.14on music: How Important Music IsGoes all the way to 11
Life Relived

2019.09.13on geek stuff: My Ego Needs New GlassesAn image of blurry text.
this image of a tiny heart means somebody marked this content as a favoritethis image of a tiny heart means somebody marked this content as a favorite

on texas life: "Where Did Summer Go?," a Month OnAn image of the national landmark Texas Pool. Image credit: texaspool.org
Yeah. Different Story in Mid-September


this week in halfgk history for 9/15 - 9/21

2018.09.18on geek stuff: Upgrading My iPhone X to iOS 12

on texas life: Modern Conveniences

2017.09.21on geek stuff: Early Thoughts on iOS 11, Part Three

2017.09.20on geek stuff: Early Thoughts on iOS 11, Part One

on geek stuff: Early Thoughts on iOS 11, Part Two

2017.09.19system maintenance: Added a new systems documentation example

2017.09.18system maintenance: Minor correction to the schema sourcing the software grid. The change was needed to allow the languages related to Oracle SQL Developer to display. (I could have SWORN I had an XSD for that... no? Time to make one!)

system maintenance: Implemented phase II of the ticker. The ticker (above) now has hyperlinks that point directly to the post each item describes!

2017.09.17on family life: UPDATED: Sidearms and Stripper Poles

2016.09.21on family: Don't Be Rude

2016.09.20system maintenance:

Getting graphic: I think I've taken the graph thing about as far as I care to at this point. Watch for a how-to on this coming very soon!

2016.09.17system maintenance:

Getting graphic: I became interested in learning how to build a graph a few days ago. I now present two: a graph of maintenance progress and another tracking a dimension of my health. I hope to share the knowledge I've gained with you shortly.

Speaking of fitness, the health and fitness form was omitted from the menu. That content has been restored.

2015.09.18on kids: "Thank You To Your Service"

2015.09.17on kids: Just Tryin' to Tell You about Knowledge

2015.09.15on kids: Tropical Illusion

on kids: Botched

2013.09.19system maintenance: WOOHOO!! This had been "bugging" me for a long time -- visiting an interests topic that hadn't been updated in a while would display an error message meant to be shown only in the case of a bad date URL ("no content was published on..."). This is FINALLY corrected so that the page immediately jumps to showing older content. It's a big win!

2013.09.17system maintenance: What? The Red Wings had a preseason GAME last night?? Guess it's time to get their schedule loaded! All games through the end of the year are now plugged in.

2013.09.16on tech: My Love/Hate Relationship with EasilyDo

2013.09.15on kids: She's Not Gonna Take It

2010.09.21on books: Resumed reading I Thought You Were Dead

system maintenance: Got the dates loaded for Michigan State University football and hockey games, and the winter scene, for the Image Rotator.

2010.09.19on books: Finished "To Kill a Mockingbird"

2010.09.17on gaming: A Couple More Thoughts About Halo Reach

system maintenance: I'd mentioned playing with some new looks for the site. Thought I'd share a look I played around with briefly, in a couple of minorly different flavors here and here. I'm not really in love with it, but thought I'd give you a peek.

2010.09.15on art: Tarkay's "Lady in Blue"

on gaming: Halo Reach

2009.09.20on art: Who was Camprio?

on tech: Shopping for a new PC: It's that time of the triennium

2008.09.17on automotive: Last Friday afternoon Hurricane Ike struck Texas, and sent this place into ...

on gaming: My wife, not satisfied with completing LSW, has also conquered Lego Indiana...

on music: Recent discoveries: JET's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", cuts from Winger's IV...

on books: Been awhile since I've read. Looking over my May entries, it seems I've got...

2007.09.21on books: Stopped reading Biden's book because it was boring and because I found this...

2006.09.21on art: Representing the original interests section [was] an image of "Sails a...

on music: When iTunes doesn't have what I'm looking for, I like using eBay and online...

pictured at left:  Avast! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be celebrated annually on September 19.