Since 2006, halfgk.com has been my personal sandbox for .NET and other forms of Web development.

Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.


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2020.05.29special_event: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

2020.05.26gaming: Yamagi + Music Patch for QUAKE IIThe Quake II logo
I mean, I might as well at this point



2019.05.24system maintenance: New provider as of TODAY. Expect a few bumps while the minutiae get worked out. Pardon our dust, etc.

2017.05.30on geek stuff: Windows 10 Creators Update

system maintenance: FYI -- one of the upgrades to the interactive resume is the addition of end notes in the print style, allowing users who print off the document to still see the addresses of hyperlinks through endnotes. Here's how I did it.

2017.05.27on fitness: Priorities

2017.05.24on fitness: Exercise: The Streak Continues

2015.05.27on a HOG: Getting Ready for the Rally

2015.05.25on gaming: My New Strategy in Halo Reach

system maintenance: My hosting company decided it was time to upgrade the servers to 2012. They apparently also decided not to check to ensure my site came back up after they did it. I was out of commission for two freaking weeks as a result of the change. Not cool, NetSol.

2013.05.27on what's on: Epic

2013.05.25on kids: Now if only she'd bring home some bacon...

on kids: Now if only she'd bring home some bacon...

2012.05.30on cars: Amenities

2012.05.29on what's on: The Avengers

on kids: Impressive!

2012.05.27on fitness: Pizza Risk

2012.05.25on tech: Facebook IPO: Stock Dives, Losses Mount

on kids: I Just Posted a Pic of My Kid on the Internet

2012.05.24on fitness: Atkins, Week 20

2010.05.30on music: Music from "The Hangover": Wolfmother, Danzig, Revolution Mother

on tech: iPhone OS 4 is coming; iPhone 3G is EOL?

2009.05.24DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Americans, please thank our servicemen and veterans this Memorial Day, and pause in gratitude for what our fallen heroes have given us.

2008.05.26on music: I've (finally) discovered Internet radio broadcasts via iTunes. I'm enjoyin...

2008.05.25on gaming: I am awful at GTA IV. In the mission I did today, I was supposed to catch a...

on books: Vice President Gore's book is currently taking a back seat to Forging a Fat...

on tech: Took the plunge and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. Figured it was about time ...

on art: Visited the East Lansing Art Fair last weekend. Check out The Nature Preser...

2007.05.26on music: Found another hair band in digital: Winger. That got me thinking about guys...

on books: Putting Tenet's At the Center of the Storm on hold. Today I p...

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