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Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.


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2020.11.26special_event: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

2020.11.23on_music: Guitar Center Files for BankruptcyImage of a Marshall amplifier with a volume knob that goes from 1 to 11
Retail Operations to Continue

on_the_nation: The Aftermath of Election Day, As Told By Headlines (UPDATED)The Flag of the United States of America
Source: The Washington Post

2020.11.21on_music: What I'm Practicing NowImage of a Marshall amplifier with a volume knob that goes from 1 to 11
Everything Turns Out Alright

2020.11.19system maintenance: As if we need even more evidence this COVID pandemic has gone on too long... I just did a complete rewrite of the COVID-19 Web form, because it's content file contained seven months of posts. The form presents those posts in a pick-your-month format, and the content is broken out to support the new format.

2020.11.16on_food: Mexican Lasagna

2020.11.14on_family_life: On Acceptance And Skepticism
Accentuate the positive

2020.11.12on_the_nation: After Veterans Day, 2020The Flag of the United States of America
The Importance of Recognizing Change



2019.11.28family_life: Giving Thanks

2018.11.28on the nation: On Auto-Pilot

2018.11.22on family life: UPDATE: On Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

2017.11.23on family life: On Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

2016.11.26on fitness: Raiding the "I Probably Won't Fit Into Those Again" Pile Again

2016.11.25on health: Who's a Thanksgiving Turkey? NOT ME!

system maintenance: The advanced graph class now has a new helper class for date ranges, effectively creating a "zoom" effect by giving the user several choices of time increments (last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days, etc.). My initial approach was to use a JavaScript slider control and AJAX for partial page refreshes, but ultimately discovered that retrofitting the ASP.NET 3.5 code wasn't going to work (just because it's upgraded to run on the .NET Framework 4.5 doesn't mean the application automagically has access to the script libraries... it'll take creating a new ASP.NET 4.5 Web application and importing the code into it for that to happen). Laurel's chart is also upgraded.

2016.11.24on tech: Well Played, Laurel

2015.11.28on kids: So, Ham, Then?

on kids: Pickles. After the Ham, I Guess

2015.11.25on kids: No, Honey, That's a Bomb

2015.11.23on kids: NOBODY does that

2015.11.22on kids: Maxwell's Silver Hammer

2013.11.27on kids: Wardrobe, Assemble!

2013.11.26on kids: Maybe You're Doing it Wrong

on K2 blackpearl development: Print Your Workflow from Visual Studio in XPS Format

2013.11.23on kids: Good Talk

2013.11.22on K2 blackpearl development: Use AD Groups for Feature Restriction in InfoPath Forms

2012.11.26on tech: Installing Parallels on the MBP

2012.11.23on fitness: That's a Really Good Feeling

on tech: Do I Dare Buy My Mother an e-Reader?

2012.11.22on fitness: Thanksgiving

on books: Revisiting e-Readers: Contemplating a Return to Kindle

on tech: Revisiting e-Readers: Contemplating a Return to Kindle

2011.11.26on automotive: Moved on.

on movies: 3D raises the bar in home entertainment

2010.11.23on tech: iPhone, iPad updates to 4.2.1 go without a hitch!

2009.11.28on automotive: Not sure what kind of a milestone this is... and I dunno if $6 per day is something to be happy about or not!

on art: Hard to believe the Wyland is three years old!

system maintenance: Added a how-to document on creating a dependent GridView using an XmlDataSource object.

2009.11.22on books: Holidays On Ice!

2007.11.24on automotive: Starting to think about replacing my current car. It's seven model-years ol...

on music: Been getting into classic Journey lately (think Infinity, Departure and the...

on books: Picked up the first of the Harry Potter series in audiobook. I bought the b...

2006.11.26on art: While on a trip earlier this month, I visited one of the Wyland galleries a...

on music: Although I haven't been as manic about music purchases over the past month,...

\pictured_at_left: Images of the COVID-19 virus