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2021.01.20special_event: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

2021.01.15on_the_nation: The Aftermath of Election Day, As Told By Headlines (UPDATED: THE SEDITION EDITION)The Flag of the United States of America
Source: The Washington Post

on_geek_stuff: Stop AppleTV Notifications On Your Apple WatchImage of a super fancy toaster.
It's a Big No-No

2021.01.10on_the_nation: Parler Tricks
Figuring Out How I Feel About It

2021.01.08on_the_nation: God Bless the InternetSeditionists inside the Capitol building on January 6th
Sedition Humor, Of Course

2021.01.06on_the_nation: SEDITIONSeditionist hanging from the wall inside of the House of Representatives
Trump Loyalists Storm Joint Session of Congress



2019.01.21on the nation: Let's Talk about the NRA

2019.01.20on family life: First-Time Teening

2019.01.18on the nation: Bombshell Buzzfeed Article Charges Cohen Directed to Lie to Congress (UPDATED)

2018.01.23system maintenance: A few revisions to the professional content. Plus some code changes to support them.

2017.01.23on the nation: Contrition, Plagiarism, and "Alternative Facts"

2017.01.22on kids: Play Like a Champion Today

on kids: Deez Nuts

2017.01.20on tech: Apple AirPods: Pitch Shifting

2017.01.19on the nation: The Curious Case of PVT Manning (UPDATED)

2017.01.18on laurel's fitness journey: WELCOME TO "ONE-DERLAND"!

on laurel's fitness journey: Latest Measurements

on fitness: Mixed Reviews, I guess

2017.01.17on laurel's fitness journey: Peering into "One-derland"

system maintenance: Added a new category to my health graph. Now tracking exercise!

2014.01.23on fitness: Health Club

2013.01.22on a hog: Second Offer

2013.01.21system maintenance: Got the Red Wings schedule updated and corrected the image rollover problems in the RSS XSLT.

2012.01.23on gaming: Alphabet Soup: FF XIII, LSW, YDKJ

2012.01.21on fitness: Atkins, Week 3

2012.01.19on kids: Ahh, Memories

2011.01.22on gaming: "Family" Gaming

2011.01.17on music: Music I'd forgotten about!

2008.01.20on music: Watched R30... Geddy Lee seems to have aged quite well. Neil Peart just sor...

2007.01.17on music: A return to campus has inspired some different musical directions... most n...

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