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2021.02.26special_event: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

2021.02.20on_the_nation: Texas' Power ProblemsSen. Ted Cruz at an airport 
        for a flight to CancĂșn, Mexico while many Texans are trapped and freezing without power from winter storms
Sen. Ted Cruz totally busted for flying to Mexico

2021.02.18on_texas_life: Snow In Dallas, Day Four
Winter Storm Uri

2021.02.17on_texas_life: Snow In Dallas, Day Three
Winter Storm Uri

2021.02.15on_texas_life: Snow In Dallas, Day Two
Winter Storm Uri

2021.02.14on_texas_life: Snow In Dallas (UPDATED)
Winter Storm Uri



2020.02.25on_gaming: Star Wars: Battlefront II (UPDATED)

on_food: Raglan Road Harp & Cheese Soup, Ten Years On

on_geek_stuff: CompTIA Server+ Beta

on_family_life: Credit Scores!

2019.02.27whiskey business: Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey

2018.02.22system maintenance: More big changes this evening. I can't say what they are, but one of them rhymes with "wookie incryption." You'll never guess!!

2017.02.27on family: The Day Has Arrived

system maintenance: When showing a single post, the category heading at the top of each of the Interests Web Forms ("art", "books", etc.) now links back to all posts in that category. Implementing this has exposed some problems with the format of older content -- the links below the content are getting messed up. I'm working to get that corrected.

2017.02.26on geek stuff: Using Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

2017.02.24on geek stuff: Faces of the Past: The People Album in Apple's Photo App (UPDATED)

2014.02.22on fitness: Joined a Gym

2014.02.21on kids: The Demise of Innuendo

2013.02.27on kids: Cheese Pizza

on a hog: 110th Anniversary Image

2013.02.25on a hog: Bike Progress

2013.02.22on fitness: Weight Loss Challenge, Week 1

2013.02.21on a hog: Going Ahead with the Purchase

2012.02.27on tech, music: This weekend I decided to undo some changes I made to my iTunes library. Thought I'd offer a tip or two for those contemplating similar changes.

on fitness: Atkins, Week 8

2012.02.23on fitness, kids: Not Helping, Family

on fitness, kids: Not Helping, Family

2012.02.21on fitness: Atkins, Week 7

2010.02.25on cooking: Harp and Cheese Soup from the Raglan Road Irish Pub!!

2010.02.23on tech: I put my phone back in "iJail"

2007.02.21on art: Wyland's "Nature's Paradise" finally arrived today. I've got to say, we've ...

on music: Spike TV has been running some awesome self-promoting ads that feature Jame...

\pictured_at_left: Images of the COVID-19 virus