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Welcome Content Robot and Content Generator: (2009)
Summary information in the "Latest News" section of the home web form is now generated directly from the content. I used to input it manually. Here's how the "Latest News" content is generated.

Similar in situation to the entry above, content changes recorded in the RSS XML file used to support the screensaver were also manually keyed. I promised myself that, as time permitted, I would seek to build that source file dynamically. Explore the code.

Image Rotator: (2009)
Site images featured on welcome.aspx can now be substituted for others for special events. And the best part is, the code will rotate them for me automatically. Here's how.

Special Event Text: (2009)
Added special event text to the image rotation, so that a message may be displayed in the "latest news" area for the duration of the special event. Here's how.