2019.08.17Where Did Summer Go?

An image of the national landmark Texas Pool. Image credit: texaspool.org

Technically I guess, It's still summer. We're in Mid-August. Until this month, summer has been pretty comfortable. "Pool season," as noted in my previous post, was very kind to us -- the bugs weren't nearly as bad, and we were in the pool with guests and margaritas in hand by 4:30 every day. And yes, you can become very tanned spending a couple of hours in a pool that late in the day.

But I was genuinely shocked to realize yesterday that we're more than half way through August -- and September is when things really cool down. I... I'm not ready to give up the pool and the margaritas. It's as though yesterday's realization slapped my sunglasses off, and the margarita fell onto the deck. By this time next month, my wife may not even be going into the pool any longer -- it's held its temparature fairly steadily at about 93° for the past few weeks, but all bets are off starting next month.

How did thi-- WHO LET THIS HAPPEN? Sure, Kiddo started school again this past week. That shouldn't have anything to do with how I finish my work for the day, right? Amirite??

Oh, I'm sure we'll still have some time for swimming, kiddo and I -- we're not as sensitive about the temparature as mommy is. But when I think of September and October, I think of cool-downs and rains. And that's...

...that's not margaritas and sunshine.

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