2019.03.04Destiny 2: Forsaken -- Is Bungie Pushing Away the Casual Player?

Bungie, the gaming studio spun off from Microsoft and responsible for the HALO and DESTINY franchises, seems to have answered a call from more dedicated players for a more challenging gameplay experience, leaving the less committed (read: people with jobs and responsibilities) behind.

In a recent season of Destiny 2, Bungie introduced The Black Forge -- a new dimension of the game involving an entirely new class of weapons, but requiring the attainment of 600 power level for character participation. I spent that entire season trying to advance my character to 600 so that I can even have a shot at scoring one of these new weapons (forgive the pun), and opening new caches that appear from time to time.

Part of getting to 600 is fighting in the Crucible. Every time I did, I was up against people who were at 650 power -- I was at 550. I got crushed every time I played.

Adding insult to injury, I had acccepted a challenge from the Drifter that requires a number of Crucible opponent kills. The rub is that if you are on a team that loses its challenge, your completion percentage drops. The highest I ever got was 4%; I'm flat-lined.

Yes, I'm mad.

"Grinding" is a term used in the gaming community to represent the work you have to invest in a particular goal, like getting through a level or unlocking a legendary item. Players get frustrated when that relative level seems unusually high, or when, in the case of Star Wars: Battlefront II, they feel coerced into paying to unlock items or characters that they would otherwise have to spend many hours grinding at the game to earn. In the context of Destiny 2: Forsaken, players (besides me) have been complaining about the amount of grinding to reach 600 and to complete the Volundr mission.

According to the new storyline, you must help bring the Black Forges back online by starting forges hidden throughout the galaxy. The first forge is Volundr in the EDZ. Starting it is a 3-person challenge that really requires significant experience, skill, and some CBD oil -- it's pure infuriation (again, getting crushed every time I play -- even at 600!!!). And it's complete bullshit: You really need a power level of over 610 and a lot of experience in this challenge, and enough luck to join a group of others with the same experience and skill, to complete the challenge.

I nearly threw my controller in anger a few times last night. And that's a warning sign for me.

BUNGIE, I fear I'm not long for your worlds. I'm not a college kid who spends all day playing and skipping classes. I work over 40 hours a week and have a family to support and a house to clean. I play in the evenings to unwind and have a good time. THIS -- this is not unwinding. And I'm definitely not having a good time. I understand you have a community that needs new challenges to keep the experience fresh; but you need to make sure those new challenges don't alienate those of us who maybe only get to put in an hour or so at night when the kids are asleep, or a few hours on the weekend. We need you to understand that we're relatively underpowered -- so maybe don't put us into Crucible matches where everyone on the opposing team outpowers us by over 100. We're still with you because we love this game. But we'll eventually reach a point where it's not fun anymore, and we'll go play other games that ARE.

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