2014.08.22Wolfenstein: The New Order

Buy it. Play it.

And when I say "play it," I don't mean play for a couple of minutes while your daughter is busy listening and watching "Diamond Minecart" on her iPad in the other room.

I mean take a day off and sit your butt on the couch and really take it in. Because it's totally worth it.

When describing the game (after, yes, taking a day off and playing it all day long), I compared it to porn.

Well, really, I compared most action games to porn -- insofar as everybody watching knows exactly what they're watching for. Nobody really cares about a plot or a story line -- they care about the action.

Wolfenstein TNO flies in the face of the expectation, in my humble opinion. It's actually got a great story line. That means it's interesting as well as chock full of kill-kill-kill.

If you have any interest at all -- even from the nostalgia of the original FPS -- get it.

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