2012.04.18Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Space Chronicles Looks Like an Interesting Read

This morning I saw an interview Jon Stewart did with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on his new book, "Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier." I was intrigued by Tyson's position on the origins of the space program: In the interview, Tyson asserted that "the space race" was all about the Cold War. Sputnik was made from a missile, and it was that fact that motivated the US to reach the moon first; Tyson inferred the US' lunar landing was about military striking capability. With the cosmonaut program unable to match the capability, the US "won", and the need for further exploration (e.g., to Mars) was unnecessary.

One of the reviews I read suggested that the book really doesn't offer anything beyond the content of the Stewart interview. Others simply noted that they saw the interview and were excited to read it. I confess I'm having a hard time deciding whether to buy it.

"Neil DeGrasse Tyson Calls Out The Daily Show for Spinning the Earth the Wrong Way" (Giant Freakin Robot)
Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier (

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