2010.10.11Overhaul was a quick read

Rattner's Overhaul struck a good balance between detail and what I'll call "humidity": this is not the sort of book one reads for simple amusement. Rattner conveys efficiently and colorfully the events that produced the metamorphosis of the U.S. automotive industry -- particularly the rebirths of Chrysler and General Motors. Rattner plied both his financial and journalistic expertise to produce a salient and insightful account of what happened behind the scenes with the auto rescue, from the close of the Bush administration until August this year.

This is the first book I've completed on the Kindle, and I have to say it went quickly. The Kindle's portability made it extremely easy to reconnect with the book in a spare moment. It downloaded within the blink of an eye and seemed to read just as quickly. I wonder if I would have moved as fast through a hardcover copy.

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Overhaul: An Insider's Account of the Obama Administration's Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry
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