Since 2006, halfgk.com has been my personal sandbox for .NET and other forms of Web development.

Symbols of an open book (open book) link with a how-to form that explains code used for specific features. I plan on introducing more features, particularly of interest to other developers, as I can.


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2019.10.13system maintenance: Fellow Nerds: Check out JavaScript's MediaMatch function. It basically gives you the equivalent of a media attribute in a script tag. It's pretty handy. I'm using it to prevent the menu slider action when certain content is viewed on an iPad.

2019.10.12system maintenance: I did my first imagemap in probably 20 years! Did you even know those are still a thing?? I'll let you find the content on your own, but I've also updated the presentation of the national current events commentary content. There's a lot that went into it behind the scenes!!

2019.10.11on the nation: It's Not Just Me, Right?
Comfortably Nunb

2019.10.10system maintenance: My annual special events code is working! I know that because y'all got a look at my Veterans Day theme today. The start date was mistyped. See? Good things can come from bad situations.

2019.10.08geek stuff: Why I'm Now Onboard with Apple PayThe Apple Pay logo
#9, Mike's Way, No Onions



2017.10.25on nerding stuff: Wireshark network analysis of the new Google reCAPTCHA control (PDF)

2017.10.23system maintenance: Contact capability is restored. Sorting out some issues after the Recaptcha upgrade.

2016.10.26on laurel: 10 Pounds in 9 Days

on health: Moving Again!

on health: Moving Again -- In a Different Sense

2016.10.24on health: Next Stop: Still 245, But the Train is Delayed at 246

on laurel: Feeling Tired Today

2016.10.23on fitness: Nice Little Ego Boost

2016.10.22on laurel: Laurel Lost Seven Pounds in Five Days

on health: Sporting the 36's/Playing the Fifth Hole

2016.10.21on health: Next Stop: 245

system maintenance: I can't leave well enough alone, I guess. I've modified the fitness graph AGAIN -- now letting you highlight individual bars when you click on them, and to reset the graph to it's original state if desired.

2015.10.25on kids: Spin the Bottle

2015.10.20on kids: We Could Be Nonfiction!

2013.10.22on a *new* hog: So Long, FXSTI

2010.10.26on music: LaBrie's "Static Impulse" falls short

2006.10.20on music: I've been an absolute music fiend lately... today I struck again while clea...

\pictured_at_left: Skyscrapers in Las Colinas, TX