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2019.06.17on texas life: Pool SeasonAn image of the national landmark Texas Pool. Image creddit: texaspool.org
Started in Late May
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system maintenance: I'd like to welcome my professional learning web form back to the party. It's been inaccessible for a while due to jQuery library conflicts. If you can't ensure all your library references match, then try implementing jQuery's noConflict() method as an alias to the objects in your script.

2019.06.15whiskey business: Though Not a Whiskey, The Botanist 22 is a Gin I Can Live WithLogo of The Botanist Islay Gin. Image credit: thebotanist.com
Read: It's the only one I actually like
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2019.06.11system maintenance: Well, that escalated quickly. Trying to write changes to a config file is a bad idea, kids -- reworked the new log code to store the config data NOT IN AN ACTUAL web.config file. I am sorry for the mess I made. But I get better code out of the deal. It's a learning day.

2019.06.08on tech: Apple Watch OSApple Watch OS 5
Convenience is key!
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2019.06.06system maintenance: This one's kind of a big deal. For years under the previous hosting provider my service would tank because my logs would fill. Well, no more: my logs now get checked before every write for a variety of conditions. If the log is bad, a new one is created. It's something I've wanted to do for years but was always a "back burner item."

2019.06.05system maintenance: If I'm gonna bake a cookie, I'd better be able to eat it. Small change to pro code to destroy the cookie I'd set. No big whoop.


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