I am driven to create solid, easy-to-follow documentation and instructional documents. About the worst situation to be in as a developer is to have to fix unfamiliar code that has no documentation and no comments -- something almost all of my development jobs have had in common. The absence of documentation can drive up business costs because the developer must spend those resources to decipher the code.



extract 1A how-to document on the use of communication descriptors in Oracle.
extract 2This is a technical note I wrote on troubleshooting SmartObject creation based on Oracle stored procedures.
extract 3This is based on a technical note I wrote about configuring an inter-process call in a specific K2 blackpearl workflow process. (Some details have been modified.)
extract 4This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet based on one I kept to track the amount of distraction when working for a former client. My intentions were to observe and quantify, and to alert my company chain when things got out of hand. (Some details have been modified.)
extract 5This is information I put together for my team on how to use a new software development repository.(Some details have been modified.)
extract 6Results of Wireshark network traffic analysis of the Google reCAPTCHA control.
extract 7a brief excerpt from a report I wrote on Adam Castle's Set Language control for K2 SmartForms. The full original report spanned 45 pages.



Note: The extracts available here document an infrastructure which no longer exists.
The domains, servers, etc. were decommissioned in 2005.

extract 8
extract 9
I approached the Systems Administration position primarily concerned with making sure I didn't let anything fall through the cracks. I addressed this concern by devising a checklist system which ultimately gave us outstanding documentation for regular audits, plus provided the Director of IT with the means to perform these tasks in my absence. (He would periodically volunteer to perform the list tasks to ensure he was sharp on the low-level detail of the daily tasks. Extract 8 contains content from the "daily" portion of the checklist, which was printed and followed each work day; extract 9 contains content from the "weekly backups" portion of the list, which was printed and followed on Fridays.
extract 10This is a procedure document on how to reset our telephone switch. Resets were usually required as a function of recovering from commercial power outages.
extract 11In this role, I also provided local and remote support for 400 employees. This is a How-To document on creation of a Microsoft Outlook Data File - a convenient solution for to the common problem of how to archive important e-mail without it being part of the Exchange store.