2010.03.24Exploring "notably underwhelming" Chickenfoot's "Soap on a Rope"

All Chickenfoot has is the instrumentals ( link to Amazon.com ). 'Cause the lyrics are completely worthless. I remember when Sammy couldn't drive 55; his lyrics were kinda dumb then — but this is just flat-out banal. I recall hearing a live recording of Hagar doing Van Halen's (and I make the distinction) "Panama"; the band vamped while Hagar spewed profanity to the crowd. And the Alien Surfer Satriani has reduced himself to essentially copying Eddie Van Halen's chops, short of hammer-ons. (So, thank Eddie for Chickenfoot's music.) Still, for as putrid as this is, it's obvious these guys have been in the business long enough to know what sells... apparently, this is it.

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