2010.03.23Alice in Chains' "Black Gives Way to Blue"

I was initially excited to see a new Alice in Chains release ( link to Amazon.com ), but thought I'd hold off and read up a bit. After all, I hadn't seen a release from them in YEEEEEEEEEEARS — the '90s. Wikipedia helped explain why: it confirmed that Jar of Flies was released in 1994, and informed me of the 2002 death of Layne Staley who was half of the haunting and interestingly harmonic vocalists. But I was listening to an alternative station the other night and heard "A Looking In View" off of the new album — and I liked it quite a bit. The album definitely has that old Alice in Chains sound - but it's a bit smoother vocally; I can't help but think that's the influence of new front man William DuVall.

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