2013.03.27Baby's First Words

We are cautiously matching kiddo's need for spelling and reading work up with her desire to text.

The end result could be a win...

"Hi daddy do you want to play Lego Star Wars?"

No, kiddo is NOT getting a phone. Think of it as a carrot-and-stick approach to reading and spelling.
"Honey, there's no point in getting you a phone if you don't know how to read."
This is technologically possible because Laurel configured her old iPod Touch, which she had seconded to kiddo, to contain limited contact information and enabled a texting capability over WiFi via Laurel's account (meaning she'll be able to read whatever kiddo sends).  

Now, to be fair, kiddo's temporary lag in English skills is consistent with the learning curve for young bilingual students; her developing Spanish skills are consuming the bandwidth that English-only kids are using for skills development, and that this usually levels out in second grade (next year).

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