Thought I’d spent a little time away from work and give you something fun to read while you’re not working either: A table of kiddo terminology! Most of these are used when we’re on the road together or out someplace.


Now, you should know what this is — this game has been around since I was a kid. We play it a little differently, though: There’s no actual slugging involved. First person to call “slug bug” with the color of the VW beetle wins. The others MUST say “Aww, you got me!”

"Slug bug old!"

Kiddo’s exclamation upon sighting an actual classic “slug bug.”

Darth Vader Car

A Darth Vader car is any car that has one of those racks mounted to the grill — like a bumper that comes up as far as to protect the lights. In order to be a Darth Vader car, that rack must be black. The car being black helps, too — I suppose it resembles Darth Vader’s mask.

Slug-Bug with a Black Vent

When I was in high school, we called these "bras" — black fabric or pleather used to protect the front of the car near the hood. Sometimes these “bras” have holes cut in them for the car’s lights. Kiddo relates this to the mouth area (the “vent”) of Darth Vader’s mask. As it happens, we have a green slug-bug with one of these black protectors in our neighborhood… so it became the green slug bug with the black vent.

Stormtrooper Car

Let me know if you’re picking up any strong tendencies toward Star Wars here. As you might guess (in opposition to the Darth Vader Car, a Stormtrooper Car is a white car with a black grille.

TV Car

A TV Car is a squarish vehicle such as the Honda Element, Kia Soul, or the Nissan Cube. By the way, when calling a “TV Car”, one does not have to specify the color. “TV Car!” is apparently sufficient.

Flinga Wheels

This was a tough one. "Flinga" refers to a type of hubcap design which features few spokes. Kiddo imagines that flinga wheels can be extended from the wheel to send foes spinning out of control. I think I recall that this was one of the inventions on Speed Racer’s Mach 5 — but that was a long time ago.

Balloong Fight

FINALLY something not car or Star Wars-related. “Balloong Fight” is a game in which we sit at opposite ends of the short hallway between the two bedrooms and pass a balloon back and forth between each other by tapping it. Really have no idea how this became a "fight".

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