2012.03.25Atkins, Close of Week 11

I *may* — and I know I’m probably going to pay for typing this — have broken through the 234-lb. barrier.

After a day of activity yesterday (Saturday), my scale consented to tell me that I’m 233.0 today. I’m having some serious doubts about the veracity of the scale of late, despite making sure it’s calibrated before I step on each morning.

Went shopping for jeans this week. I bought a pair of Nautica jeans in a 36″ waist the other day, and got the courage to try them on this morning. They fit!!

With the nicer weather here, we’ve been more active. The new bikes are wonderful, and we’re planning a family ride today once kiddo gets home. In kiddo’s absence, though, my wife and I have started a Saturday morning breakfast ride. It’s a very short distance, but it’s a sweet start and ensures the bikes get at least some use.

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