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   This brief survey was focused on the sociological aspects of blogging, which appear to remain largely unexplored (or at least unavailable to the "Googling" public searching on the terms "blog" and "survey").

   These results should be considered neither authoritative nor comprehensive. The sample was far short of what might be considered representative of the blogosphere by design (N=15), and was only taken during a one-week period (March 24 - 31, 2007), advertised only by a single public entry in a non-searchable, privately-maintained blog, by an entry on a personal, privately-maintained website (which, to date, may or may not be found via popular search engines); an e-mail or two, and virally by the charity of friends (to whom I am very grateful; see "Acknowledgements" at bottom).

   Its only right that after such a lengthy description of what the survey/result isn't , I should offer what I feel the survey result is : it is a compass by which a more in depth and official study may be conducted (with real researchers and complicated math and everything! ). It is my hope that such a study may be commissioned and fielded within the year, and that somewhere in the process I might finally stop equating "standard deviation" with downloading naughty pictures from the Web.

   All kidding aside, though, I'm very grateful to all who indulged me by answering the thirteen questions. It was fun to put the survey together and even more fun to see the results come in. An executive summary of the results and review of the questions appears below. Following the summary is a small paragraph of acknowledgements. For more detailed information on the results, please feel free to contact me directly via this website's contact form.