For the Fall Semester, I've been reading The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb by Gar Alperovitz. I know that I'm probably doing something very wrong by listing a course text in the "Interests" section, but the purpose is manifold: It serves to point out that progress in
The Pentagon's New Map has necessarily been arrested, and it shows that I find the book interesting (although somewhat dry) - but since I'm not sleeping as I should, I may as well do something constructive.

   The book reads more like a detailed research paper (as I suppose it probably should). Alperovitz boils down the facts available to discern that the decision to drop the atomic bomb was not a military decision - top representatives from each of the services recommended against the action. I'm currently about half-way through the book, and I find it intruiging enough to make me eager to continue reading -- which is something I surely cannot say about other textbooks (the other text for this course puts me to sleep at approximately seven page intervals).

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